The Fund is designed to offer exposure to a wide range of alternative strategies through a single vehicle. Fondaco Growth is a complementary investment to  Fondaco Multi-Asset Income, the Fondaco flagship fund for traditional liquid strategies.

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Flexible Funds

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Classic B Shares: IT0005115263; Professional A: IT0005115289


Harry Barney

The Fund implements a flexible management policy within an alternative universe of asset classes and strategies through the selection of the best managers. The Fund invests in the following management strategies:

Private Markets: long-term investments in closed-end funds and with capital appreciation, characterised by higher risk-return targets. Examples include private equity funds, venture capital, infrastructure, real estate and alternative credit.

Diversifying Strategies: these strategies contribute to the diversification of the portfolio and are its most liquid component. Correlation with stock markets is low and volatility is contained. The alpha generation capacity of the managers selected is the main factor. Examples include macro, relative value and event-driven funds and quantitative strategies.


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