Our aim is to preserve and increase the wealth of our investors in the medium and long term and this can only be achieved if we take a socially responsible approach to investment,

In direct management, almost exclusively in the area of government bonds, the assessment of the various issuing countries considers a multitude of factors, including those of a non-financial nature, incorporating them into the portfolio construction process in keeping with the characteristics and limits set for each of the strategies managed.

Management by delegated mangers prioritises companies that incorporate the assessment of social responsibility into their investment process. It also ensures careful monitoring of both the actual composition of the portfolios (at individual securities level), in order to verify the investment choices made by the delegated managers, and of any disputes relating to the companies selected, identifying, where necessary, the appropriate methods of intervention in the event of specific problems.

The monitoring and containment of risks other than those of a purely financial nature are part of our daily activities and are functional not only to the investment activity but also to the more sustainable development of the society in which Fondaco’s “stakeholders” operate.